2011 UF1 Winter Champion – Lee Passehl

2011 UF1 Winter Champion – Lee Passehl


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2011 UF1 Winter Champion - Lee Passehl

Thanks Charles, and Sean for the awesome UF1 Series we ran at TQ Raceway these past few months. What a great group of guys to race with. I haven’t had this much fun racing in a long time! It was a blast watching everyone step up their game as the weeks went by. I think every racer who participated in the series walked away as a much better driver compared to where they started! William, I’m glad the Series ended when it did. The way you improved over the last two races of the series, we’d all be racing for second! LOL

Johnathan, it was a blast competing against you right down to the very last race! They could of tied a two foot string between our cars the entire day (the entire Series for that matter). I knew if I made one mistake you’d be by me! You’re car looked TOTALLY dialed this week end. An 11.2 lap in the last race? You’re INSANE!!! My car had to be 3 feet wide all weekend to keep you from blowing by me!!

Cuda, glad you got guilt feelings in the middle of the Series and switched to your F104 for a race or two. It let Johnathan and I sneak ahead enough at the end of the series to hold off your charge when you came back to your senses with your F103. Same goes for you Charles. Ever the F1 purist, the competitive juices got the best of you and you saw the light and switched to your always ballistic F103 for the last few races Thank Goodness you didn’t think of it earlier!LOL

Panda, this sereis is just what you need to sharpen your skills for TCS! My dad and I will be sure to have our parts order in to you when you’re at the TCS World’s in Japan this Fall. Too bad you’ll have to miss the last race of the UF1 Series in October to be there though (who says Charles doesn’t have a sneaky way of getting rid of his competition)!

I’m really looking forward to the Summer Series. My dad and I are trying to figure out what chassis and class to run. Johnathan and William, I’ll have my Exo104 ready to run with you guys in the “Realistic Class”, but we need to start practicing on asphalt right away to keep up with Charles and company (oops did I leave the cat out of the bag)? With the UF1 Series running just one race per month, I hope that everyone who races F1 can set aside the date and come out and race with us. It would be great to get a big turnout for both of the classes! This is a great bunch of racers and I’m happy to be part of the group!

F103 Carpet Setup

4mm ride height
Ride Type A tires (Tamiya A’s for the last 3 mains of the last race day for more front bite… did you like how my car squeeealed thru the turns? LOL) stock inserts on both of the tire selections
KO 2431 low profile servo / Kimbro small servo aver
F103 Link front suspension w/ 3.5mm offset knuckles
Lotus front wing
30k dampening oil on king pins
Black (hard) springs – stock
Steering end links mounted underside to reduce bump steer Inside Ackerman position for more steering overall
Black rubber O ring under front of top plate where it connects to the servo mount (thanks Rob King)

Tekin RS 212 profile w/ 13 ga wire to battery and 16 ga wire to motor
Team Icon Red Line 5000mah, 45C Lipo
Shock- 3 hole, 45 wt oil, gold M04 mini spring w/ 2.5mm spring tension measured between top cap and top of spring retainer
Bridge Style shock connector Center disc spring tension – 4.5mm from top of spring cap, Teflon center discs,
Silver tension springs w/ 20k diff lube on top disc only Ride height 4mm

4mm ride height
Team Icon 21.5 BL w/ 12.3mm rotor (for higher RPM)
Pinion 31
Spur 84
Ceramic diff bearings
F103 style diff/hub assembly (easier to fine tune diff when needed)
Diff tension almost locked with just a very slight movement (for better, straighter starts off the line)
Tamiya A style F103 rear tires with stock inserts
Steel Rear Drive shaft
Tamiya Lotus rear wing
Stock T plate with medium tension on center screw
Lotus Racing Body(type “C”?)

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