2012 UF1 Winter Champion – Mike Kennedy

2012 UF1 Winter Champion – Mike Kennedy


Wins: 3
Podium Finishes: 5
Pole Positions: 2
Races Attended: 7

2012 UF1 Winter Champion - Mike Kennedy

Congratulations Mike on winning the 2012 UF1 Winter Championship… It was obvious that your biggest competitor was your own team mate Tony Phalen… How was it pitting with your rival?
It was great. We would constantly feed ideas to each other. Our cars are very similar, yet react a little different.

What if any changes did you do to your car over the season that improved performance?
My car is pretty much stock. Right before Tony’s car melted down, I added the RSector top deck to my car, makes it much easier to take the battery out to charge. Less chance for the “melt down”. At race #6, I used the 190mm conversion from RSector and it really stabilized the car and I just now changed to the aluminum motor mount for the last race. There’s still more testing to do…

What was your worst moment of the season and why?
When Tony couldn’t make it to race #6. We were only a few points apart going into that race and we would have fought it out to the end. Otherwise, it’s really been a great season. The UF1 guys are awesome! Drama is what usually kills it for me.

What was your best moment of the season and why?
Race #4, main #3…10 minutes of nose to tail racing with Phalen for the lead! Even though I didn’t get the win, my favorite race ever!

Can you give us a run down of your car? electronics, ect including set up specs… camber, ride height, etc…
F104X1, Tekin RSPro, ol’school airtronics 94757 servo, Thunder Power 21.5 motor, pit 571/572 tires, 3.4mm front height-3.8mm rear height, 1deg front camber, carbon rear shaft, red rear spring/30wt, gold front spring.

Will you still be using your F104 platform for the 2012 season or will you move to the IRS?
Yes, I will still use the 104, but I will be working on the FGX(rabbit). We’ll have to see what has the speed…

What advantages and disadvantages do you see using a IRS system on asphalt?
I think the IRS is going to be good for the asphalt. I haven’t had the opportunity to run it outside yet. I think the car will be easier to tune to a less the premium surface. It definitely seems to be more forgiving to the driver. Plus, there are a lot of people making stuff for this car. More options, more better!

How much testing have you done for next season?
Sadly, very little so far. I’m really behind the ball! There’s nowhere to race in Vegas right now, so it can be tricky to get away to do some testing. Right now, the only running I get is when I come down to Cali.

Will your driving style suit having less grip?
I think I can hold my own. It has a lot to do with being prepared and patient. There isn’t always a lot of time to test before the races, so you kinda have to have a game plan of what you may want to try. Running outdoors is a lot different than running on the carpet. We will see…

Any prediction for the next season?
For the up comer, keep an eye on John Manangan. For the Veteran, I think Lightfoot is gonna bring it!!

What advice would you give someone new in this series? Setup, or just in general?
Take your time, have fun, and ask a lot of questions. Tires are probably 90% of the setup and there’s no “magic bullet” to a winning car. I want to thank Lightfoot/UF1 and Sean Park/TQ raceway for an awesome winter season and top notch facility to run in! There is a huge amount of work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. Its greatly appreciated!

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