PROTOform F1-Fifteen Formula 1 Body

PROTOform has released a new F1 body that is designed to fit most modern F1 chassis. It features a low nose, undercut side pods and a separate, injection-molded driver's helmet for maximum detail. The airbox is also a separate piece that can be attached with Shoo-Goo or double-sided tape. This body is made from .030" Lexan and can be trimmed to fit over most suspension systems. A cool decal sheet is also in ...

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Fenix Mistral 1:10 Scale F1 Kit

Fenix has released a new 1:10 scale Formula 1 kit - the Mistral. This car features tons of carbon fiber and shiny aluminum to create a wicked looking machine. Up front, the Mistral uses carbon fiber lower arms that can be tuned to different stiffness levels. All the important tuning options are also there; caster, camber, ride height and toe. Moving to the center of the chassis, the Mistral's 2.5mm ...

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Protoform F1-Thirteen/F1-Fourteen Formula 1 Bodies

Calling all F1 fanatics, check out the pair of sick looking F1 bodies straight from Protoform's molding table! Dubbed the F1-Thirteen and F1-Fourteen, these bodies are based on their appropriate-year, full-scale counterparts! The F1-Thirteen is designed to fit most modern F1 chassis equipped with Tamiya’s F2012 Front wing (#51524 / #51525). Because of the unusual design of the nost, the upright support of t ...

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F1 Aluminum Steering Arm Kits by Tuning Haus

Tuning Haus' now offers an aluminum steering arm kit for Tamiya (and other) F1 cars. Designed for function as well as appeal, this setup features machined aluminum arms (etched with L/R orientation), a lower profile design for additional ride height adjustments and are keyed to steel axle inserts allowing inline or trailing axles. Available in black or sky blue with the Tuning Haus logo etched into the arm. ...

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Tuning Haus Machined Aluminum Pivot for Tamiya F104v2, TRF101

Tamiya's F104v2 and TRF101 Formula 1 cars are both viscous contenders on the track, but one bump of the wall or harsh tumble can cause the stock, plastic pivot to fail. Tuning Haus has developed a machined replacement that is a direct fit for both cars. It uses the stock Tamiya plastic upper pivot, cap screws, and pivot ball. Now get out there and push your F1's to the limit! Visit: www.tuninghaus.com ...

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Tuning Haus Precision 64p Pinion Gears

Tuning Haus has released a new line of precision, aluminum 64p pinion gears. Designed from premium aluminum alloy, these gears have been machined to accept an included 3mm setscrew, anodized in gunmetal and run extremely true. Theses pinions have been tested in sedans, pancars, F1 cars and even 1/10 2WD Stadium Truck and buggies (with 13.5 and 17.5 Spec motors). Available in 20T-70T sizes. Visit: www.tuning ...

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Exotek F1R2 Pro Formula 1 Conversion

Exotek has announced the release of their new F1R2 Pro Conversion for Formula 1 cars. This is ground up design that is slated to pull every inch of performance out of your Formula 1 ride! Check out some of these cool features: • New PATENT PENDING (#61903117) 'Hybrid Link' side link suspension integrated with a flex 'T Plate' chassis that uses both types of suspensions in one platform. • New rear pod geomet ...

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Tuning Haus F1 Aluminum Rear Bearing Inserts

Newly formed Tuning Haus has just released a set of cool aluminum rear bearing inserts for F1 cars. These inserts are a direct replacement for the plastic parts found in almost every F1 kit. Etched in white for easy visibility, they provide accurate ride height adjustment for cars that run either rubber or foam tires. Available in pairs. Visit: www.tuninghaus.com ...

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