Speed Passion – Tresrey SP-1 F1 Pro Kit

Similar to full size F1 cars, the SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis utilizes a high quality 3mm streamlined carbon fiber lower chassis, a 2mm upper deck, and lightweight 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Chassis stiffness can also be fine tuned using 6 chassis spacers depending on track conditions. Aluminum components, such as the rear pod and center shock are anodized with a TRESREY red finish. The SP-1 F1 1/10th s ...

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Exotek +3mm Offset Wheels for Tamiya F104

New Exotek wheels for the F104! These wheels are designed for use with the top rated Shimizu rubber tires for the F104. They are made of nylon for durability and light weight construction, have +3mm off set front and back for perfect 189mm width with tires installed. The special design is ribbed on the inner side and lipped on the outer side for hassle free mounting and gluing of the tires. Also 2 vent hole ...

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VBC Racing Flash04 Formula 1 Car

VBC Racing introduces the ultimate formula chassis car kit, the Flash04. It is the most completely upgrade car kit in the market, with all the hop up parts included. The Flash04 is made from top of the line materials like all air-craft grade 7075 aluminum, 100%USA graphite parts, ceramic differential balls, carbon fiber rear shaft and newly formulated composite injection molding parts. It's a fully upgraded ...

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Alonso and Massa Drive the Ferrari 458 Italia

A great video of a hot lap with Alonso and Massa driving the Ferrari 458 Italia at the Circuit de Catalunya. Great to see the two of them having some fun together, but it's also funny to watch the passenger as the other one drives. Massa seems ok, but Alonso seems scared! Also note, when Massa drives, watch him stretch his neck to see over the steering wheel. Classic. ...

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Exotek IFS Lower Brace Set for 3Racing FGX

Hardened steel lower pivot ball brace for the 3Racing FGX with IFS option. The hardened steel plate is 1mm thick and gives the ball ends a solid footing to help prevent the stock front bulkhead from splitting open. Also lowers your front roll center a touch for more front traction. 1280 3Racing FGX IFS Lower Brace Plate $8.95 Link: www.exotekracing.com ...

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UF1 Apple Touch Icon

Some of you that visit the UF1 site are probably using some sort of Apple product, whether it's an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. To visit the UF1 site, you need to open your browser, click in the address bar and type in www.uf1rc.com (or click a bookmark if you're technically inclined). That process has now been made as easy as touching an icon! To use this new feature, go to the UF1 home page and (from the a ...

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UF1 Night with AlpineStars

Bill Jeric received this open invite and sent it over to me a couple days ago: "Do you want to party with the Stars? Join RACER and Alpinestars for an evening of celebration as we welcome the 2013 Formula 1 season at Alpinestars USA's headquarters in Torrance, Calif. The race will be shown live from Australia on a 26 foot-projector screen along with activities, raffles, cars, food, music and more. It all ha ...

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