Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 Brushless Motors

Reedy's return to the competition motor scene with the Sonic 540 was hugely successful on the track and showroom floor. Countless race wins at both the international and club level have proven the motor to be both powerful and reliable. Now, thanks to racing team and customer input, Reedy is proud to introduce the Sonic 540 Mach 2. Small modifications were made to the already competitive package to enhance ...

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The Allure of UF1

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Jeric, and I’d like to take a moment to share with you the reasons for my enthusiasm about UF1 racing. One evening last November, my friend Ron Schuur invited me to stop out at TQ Raceway, as he and some others would be there practicing for something called UF1. I’d never heard of this type of racing before, and my curiosity won out. I’d been away from on-road r ...

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Speed Passion F1 Car

SpeedPassion has dipped into the F1 market with the release of a pair of F1 bodies. Not willing to just produce top-notch F1 lids, they've just released information on their new F1 chassis. Notable Features: • Upper and lower pillow ball front suspension • Side link rear suspension • Center shock/damper tube • Rear pod equipped with a cooling fan • Driver attached to chassis • Ball differential Not many oth ...

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Yokomo Formula 1 Car

Yokomo has decided to jump into the ever-growing Formula 1 market. With years of racing experience as well as quite a few World Titles under their belt, I'm sure this new car will be a force to be reckoned with! Features • Double wishbone front suspension with carbon fiber lower arm • Adjustable front camber angle, caster angle and ride height • Front steering knuckles can be changed from inline to trailing ...

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Trinity D3.5 and the UF1 Series

If you're not aware of all the drama, the Trinity D3.5 17.5t Brushless Motor has been banned by ROAR. What does this mean to the UF1? Well, in short, we only allow ROAR-approved motors to be used in the UF1 Series. HOWEVER... Since we only run 21.5t motors, the Trinity D3.5 21.5t Brushless Motors are legal in the UF1 Series. Since ROAR is trying to 'retest' all of the Trinity motors (and possibly all brushl ...

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UF1 Pit Timer Box Build

The UF1 utilizes a unique Pit Stop system to further emulate real F1. This system not only looks cool, it also helps drivers use pit strategy to get out of traffic. Tim Ruwe, one of the founding members of the UF1, has come up with a stellar Pit Timer Box that helps both the drivers and the Pit Boss during the pit stops. He's written a How-To so other UF1 affiliates can make their own Pit Timer Box for their series. ...

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