Goodyear-OZ Wheels Tire and Wheel Decals

If there's one thing in RC I love it's the current trend of scale RC racing. Many cool classes have been springing up all around SoCal including the amazingly fun UF1 Series (scale F1 cars), the VTA (Vintage Trans Am) and the UGT Series (Ultimate Grand Touring). Guys have been decking out their rides with killer, realistic bodies and liveries, but one thing that has been missing is a cool set of durable tir ...

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Tamiya F104V2 Setup Sheet – Repsol Honda – Update

A couple weeks ago, Team Repsol sent over a copy of the setup they are using at TQ Raceway during the 2013 Winter Series. That setup was a good starting point for anyone running the V2, but now Fred Medel (Tamiya's main Marketing dood and Team Repsol Driver) has just updated this setup with a much more detailed version. This setup must be pretty good since Fred used it last weekend to put the hurt on a lot ...

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Tamiya Ferrari F2012 F104 Chassis

This is a ready to assemble electric powered R/C model of the Ferrari F2012. The distinctive form of the body, including the complex front and rear wings as well as stepped front section, is accurately reproduced and modelers can choose from two types of side pontoons. All this scale-realism is offered on the direct drive 2WD F104 chassis platform. Specifications Scale: 1/10 scale Construction type: assembl ...

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Tamiya F104 X1 Setup Sheet – Team Lotus

Since everyone is loading up their setups, I thought it would be cool to upload the starting setup used by some of the Tamiya F104X1 drivers. This is a starting setup and might need to be tweaked depending on your driving style. You can adjust the amount of steering you need by how much sauce you apply to the front tires. Other than that, this should be a good start. You can download the .pdf below. Go get ...

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Novak Ultra Low-Resistant Red Wire Stators – 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T

Spec class racing is the ultimate battle ground across the country. Novak is pleased to present the latest weapon in the spec racing war— the Ultra Low-Resistance Stator, available in four spec winds: 10.5T (#S6630), 13.5T (#S6633), 17.5T (#S6637) and 21.5T (#S6638). These new stators are developed to provide maximum copper wire fill and give spec racers an edge over a standard motor. Each stator is hand-wo ...

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UF1 Gets a TM

Ok boys and girls...trivia question: Does the UF1 logo look different than normal? Some might say no, not really...and they'd be right. Sort of. While the logo itself stays the same, there has been the addition of an official TM emblem. To help protect the Series and keep it from going the way of the dodo (or in our case, something like RCGT), the UF1 committee has gone through the painstakingly difficult p ...

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Roche Rapide Setup Sheet – Benetton Ford

The Rapid Roche has been one of the surprising chassis to hit the UF1. In the 2012 Summer Series, Tony Tam piloted his Roche to quite a few Top 10 finishes, and now Benetton-Ford team driver Kevin Cole (AKA Panda) has wowed the crowd with some stellar performances (and his own list of Top 10 finishes). This car has been a bit of a secret as far as setup and what the Roche boys are running...until now. Follo ...

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Exotek FGX Heavy Duty Front Hub Set

Heavy duty alloy front hub set with oversized bearings for the FGX. Includes larger 10x5x3 (2) and 9x5x3 (2) bearings and are supported by stainless steel crush sleeves that are also included! Also on the hubs are an additional ackerman hole in the outer position. The extra hole setting allows more steering throw angle then the 3Racing hubs. Direct bolt on for either the standard FGX or IFS front suspension ...

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