Video: Lotus E20 F1 with Realistic Driver

Ok, this is pretty cool...a small camera mounted on the front of a Lotus E20 peering back at the driver. But that's not all, check out the driver's moving head and arms as he navigates the track! I love how the arms and head turn proportionally to a real F1 driver; hands lock-to-lock while head only turns a few percentage. Great stuff. The future of UF1??? This is pretty damn realisticish... ...

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Alonso and Massa Drive the Ferrari 458 Italia

A great video of a hot lap with Alonso and Massa driving the Ferrari 458 Italia at the Circuit de Catalunya. Great to see the two of them having some fun together, but it's also funny to watch the passenger as the other one drives. Massa seems ok, but Alonso seems scared! Also note, when Massa drives, watch him stretch his neck to see over the steering wheel. Classic. ...

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UF1 Apple Touch Icon

Some of you that visit the UF1 site are probably using some sort of Apple product, whether it's an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. To visit the UF1 site, you need to open your browser, click in the address bar and type in www.uf1rc.com (or click a bookmark if you're technically inclined). That process has now been made as easy as touching an icon! To use this new feature, go to the UF1 home page and (from the a ...

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UF1 Night with AlpineStars

Bill Jeric received this open invite and sent it over to me a couple days ago: "Do you want to party with the Stars? Join RACER and Alpinestars for an evening of celebration as we welcome the 2013 Formula 1 season at Alpinestars USA's headquarters in Torrance, Calif. The race will be shown live from Australia on a 26 foot-projector screen along with activities, raffles, cars, food, music and more. It all ha ...

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Trinity D3.5 and the UF1 Series

If you're not aware of all the drama, the Trinity D3.5 17.5t Brushless Motor has been banned by ROAR. What does this mean to the UF1? Well, in short, we only allow ROAR-approved motors to be used in the UF1 Series. HOWEVER... Since we only run 21.5t motors, the Trinity D3.5 21.5t Brushless Motors are legal in the UF1 Series. Since ROAR is trying to 'retest' all of the Trinity motors (and possibly all brushl ...

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UF1 Gets a TM

Ok boys and girls...trivia question: Does the UF1 logo look different than normal? Some might say no, not really...and they'd be right. Sort of. While the logo itself stays the same, there has been the addition of an official TM emblem. To help protect the Series and keep it from going the way of the dodo (or in our case, something like RCGT), the UF1 committee has gone through the painstakingly difficult p ...

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2013 UF1 Midwest Points Series

For those of you that might be interested in a UF1 road trip or just want to say hi to F1 Paint Labs stud muffin Brad Palmer, the Midwest UF1 affiliate location is about to put on it's 2013 Points Series. The 2013 UF1 Midwest Points Series will be held at 4 different locations and will tout a $2000 cash purse to be divided amoungst the Top 10 drivers! That's a pretty healthy sum for the Midwest's first race ...

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