IIC Race 2011 Las Vegas!

Will there be a F1 class at this years IIC Race in Las Vegas? That depends on if we can get 20 entries. Hiro was kind enough to talk to Scotty Ernst and he's willing to add the class if he feels we can get 20 guys to register. As of now we have 10 people committed to this class and Mike Rydwell of Exotek will be sponsoring the class. If your interested in racing this class please either e-mail me your info ...

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Foam or No Foam?

Race 1 of 8 is will be this Saturday at West Australian Coast Grand Prix. Already people are having troubles setting up there cars. The abrasive high bite surface over a 10 minute period is playing havoc on the foam tires. The sauce isn't lasting and it's creating inconsistent grip as it wears. Some are even talking about using rubber in hopes that the slower but more consistent lap times will pay off in th ...

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UF1 Season Review – Book One

So the top 10 prizes have been mostly handed out and a few in the mail. It was a 30 page, hard cover book highlighting the series in images and some text. I'm glad to hear people liked it, because we're going to do it again for the Summer Series and the next one will be even better...I hope :) Who is going to be the next UF1 Champion? 2011 UF1 Winter Season Review Book [nggallery id="44"] ...

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2011 UF1 Rules

Who will be the 2011 UF1 Champion? Can Cuda take it two years in a row? A few new changes to the rules this year that should make things more exciting and fair. It's no longer a battle between Foam vs Rubber like last year. It's now a battle between Realistic scale racing vs pure performance. This year you will also be able to race both classes, but you will only be scored in one. ...

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Something to Think About

"It was the other drivers fault..." If it was anybodys fault it was mine for being where I can get collected. Getting angry at another driver is pointless. You need to watch the other drivers around you, understand their skill, aggression and driving levels, and drive with them accordingly. Know who is driving next to you. Any problems that occur have ultimately been caused by you because you are responsibl ...

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New UF1 Logo!

Michael Rydwell redesigned the logo and man it looks so cool! Thank you so much dude! Mike is also working on having some shirts made up with the new logo. It's costing $5 per shirt, sell them for $15 and 100% of the money will go towards a gift for the top 10 drivers of the Winter Series. Trust me, you will want to be in the top 10, I'm not going to give away any hints but it's pretty cool. No it's not 10 ...

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Do I Run Foam or Rubber?

Do I run foam or rubber in this Series? As this Series progresses it's taking on a life of it's own that Tim or I could not have predicted. We are all learning along the way, and one thing I've noticed is that since we are scoring the foam and rubber separately what has emerged is a singular points battle. It's no longer Foam vs Rubber, but a strategy of which compound to use each race day. more... ...

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February 21, 2010 at WCRC

Tim Ruwe working diligently at the track keeping score of our February 21st WCRC race. Without Tim this series wouldn’t be happening. He is selfishly giving his time and effort talking to track organizers and created our scoring format. Tim and I were e-mailing each other for weeks bouncing ideas back and forth about this series. It’s a great group of people all with a love of RC and F1 of course. On-road R ...

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