UF1 Season Review – Book Two

The 2011 Summer Review Book is complete and distributed. Like last year, the Top 10 drivers received this 18-page memorabilia book with images and text from the 2011 series. I'm happy that people look forward to such a cool item and actually make it part of the reason they want to be in the Top 10! We will, of course, be putting together one for next year. Will you have one next year? 2011 UF1 Summer Season ...

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UF1 Season Review – Book One

So the top 10 prizes have been mostly handed out and a few in the mail. It was a 30 page, hard cover book highlighting the series in images and some text. I'm glad to hear people liked it, because we're going to do it again for the Summer Series and the next one will be even better...I hope :) Who is going to be the next UF1 Champion? 2011 UF1 Winter Season Review Book [nggallery id="44"] ...

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