Exotek F104V2 2.5mm Flex Chassis Set

Exotek F104V2 2.5mm Flex Chassis Set

The slightly thinner chassis increases overall front and rear grip and helps reduce traction roll- excellent for rubber tire racing! The chassis also updates the side links to an angled geometry to increase rear pod traction. The angled links reduces link binding when the rear pod is articulated. The chassis also retains the stock location holes for added tuning.

Added to the chassis is a 3rd position battery stop location. This allows a small ESC to be mounted in back, a shorty pack in the middle and the receiver at the front- the preferred location for asphalt racing.

The chassis set also includes a new design 2.5mm thick rear pod plate. The pod plates adds 2 slots for better side link performance. The stock side links now have better clearance in order to prevent the links from bowing and bending like on the stock plate when the rear pod suspension is performing its duties.

Included also is a 1mm spacer for the front to make sure the front wing does not scrape on the ground.

Made in the USA of bi-directional (more flex) carbon fiber.

Tamiya chassis set = 64 grams
Exotek chassis set (w/ spacer) = 57 grams

$79.95 MSRP. F104v2 is required. TRF F104 top damper and Tamiya F104X side damper also recommended to maximize performance.

Link: www.exotekracing.com

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