Exotek F1R 2.5mm Flex Chassis Plate Set

Exotek F1R 2.5mm Flex Chassis Plate Set

NEW 2.5MM Flex type chassis set for the Exotek F1R conversion. Prototype testing has shown this new design to offer increased overall front and rear grip thanks to the flex traits of this thinner chassis material and extra rear cut out.

The chassis also updates the side links to an angled geometry to increase rear pod traction. The angled links reduces link binding when the rear pod is articulated.

Included is a 1mm spacer for the front to make sure the front wing does not scrape on the ground and also included is a 2.5mm rear pod plate.

Made in the USA of bi-directional (more flex) carbon fiber.

Designed for the Exotek F1R Only. Nylon links shown not included.

1301 F1R 2.5mm Flex Chassis Plate Set

Link: www.exotekracing.com

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