Exotek F1R2 Pro Formula 1 Conversion

Exotek F1R2 Pro Formula 1 Conversion

Exotek has announced the release of their new F1R2 Pro Conversion for Formula 1 cars. This is ground up design that is slated to pull every inch of performance out of your Formula 1 ride!

Check out some of these cool features:
• New PATENT PENDING (#61903117) ‘Hybrid Link’ side link suspension integrated with a flex ‘T Plate’ chassis that uses both types of suspensions in one platform.
• New rear pod geometry for more progressive damping which increases forward bite.
• New twin side dampers for equal left and right pod damping.
• New chassis design optimized for ‘shorty’ lipo packs. Standard LiPo packs will also fit.
• New quick adjust shock end for on-the-fly pod droop adjustments.
• New quick position alloy servo mounts that allow quick Ackermann tuning.
• New USA-made premium matte finish 2.5mm ‘flex’ weave carbon fiber is used throughout.
• New 2-wheelbase option rear pod design.
• New precision machined lightweight motor plates.
• New alloy side spring nuts for easier side spring assembly and tuning.
• New LiPo strap ‘posts’ are shaped to snugly hold your standard dimension lipo pack and include special cuts in the posts allows your esc or servo leads to pass through.
• New angled side links. The triangulated angle improves suspension geometry resulting in much freer rear pod movement at extreme left right angles.
• New 1mm lower ride height spacer included for the F104 front arms.
• New lightweight body post set.
• Includes Associated side pod springs.
• Bonus- the front of the chassis is designed to accept a new Exotek IFS suspension proven to be outstanding for cornering.

$219.95 MSRP
Compatible with and required- any Tamiya F104 or F103 kit (not TRF101).

Also required:
Low profile servo
Rear wing mount
Damping lube
Tamiya F1 shock

Visit: www.exotekracing.com

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