Thank you for your interest in UF1™. The UF1™ Racing Series is designed for racing hobbyists that want to race scale looking Formula One racing cars that depict racers favorite real life teams. The Series has gone through a few years of evolution due to new product releases and new ideas by its founding members and trusted industry advisors. If you would like to start up an affiliate club please read over this section as the UF1™ consortium has some guidelines that must be followed to maintain uniformity with clubs that carry the UF1™ name and brand.

1. Website: An affiliate UF1™ club must have a simple standalone website. The website may be used for member galleries, forum discussion, event schedules and possible rules variances from the founding UF1™ Racing Series.
2. Name: An affiliate UF1™ club must name their region or location. It is prohibited to simply name your affiliate club UF1™ since the founding UF1™ Series already has rights to the stand alone name. If your club represents a certain area we suggest using that as your affiliate name. E.G. UF1™ New York, UF1™ Australia, UF1™ Mexico City, etc. We will provide you with a UF1™ logo with your affiliate location once that has been established.
3. Rules: In order to obtain official UF1™ affiliate status, the rules of the Core Series must be followed. Exceptions can be made as certain areas may have needs to get their program up and running. Please contact the UF1™ consortium for any rules amendments you’d like to discuss for your location. Written permission for rules amendments regarding your club must be agreed upon before affiliate recognition is granted.
4. UF1™ has strict rules and guidelines for the use of its logo and brand. Please follow those guidelines. Failure to adhere to those guidelines will result in affiliate separation.

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