Protoform F1-Thirteen/F1-Fourteen Formula 1 Bodies

Protoform F1-Thirteen/F1-Fourteen Formula 1 Bodies

Calling all F1 fanatics, check out the pair of sick looking F1 bodies straight from Protoform’s molding table! Dubbed the F1-Thirteen and F1-Fourteen, these bodies are based on their appropriate-year, full-scale counterparts!

The F1-Thirteen is designed to fit most modern F1 chassis equipped with Tamiya’s F2012 Front wing (#51524 / #51525). Because of the unusual design of the nost, the upright support of the wing is removed and an additional body post and 40mm M4 screw are included for a perfect fit.

The F1-Forteen is modeled after the current F1 cars (2014). It features a unique front that can be trimmed to use as a standard nose or a separate extended cone can be added.

Both bodies feature an overall low-slung look, detailed driver’s helmet and a decal sheet that sports seatbelt, steering wheel, car numbers and a variety of helmet visor colors.

Product ID : 1537-30 – F1-Thirteen, $28.00
Part #: 1538-30 – F1-Fourteen, $28.00

Link: www.racepf.com

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