Tamiya F104V2 Setup Sheet – Repsol Honda

Tamiya F104V2 Setup Sheet – Repsol Honda

If you’re driving one of Tamiya’s F104V2 cars, here’s your chance to jump on a very rare opportunity. The Repsol-Honda boys have graciously donated the setup they are running at TQ Raceway during the 2013 Winter Series!!!

Now, I know what you’re saying; “How do we know this is what they’re running?”. Well, at Race #2 I took some spy shots of Team Driver Fred Medel’s car and checked them to the setup he sent over…perfect match! As with any good setup, you may need to tweak the car a bit to work for you, but this is a definitely a great starting setup to get you in the ballpark.

You can download the .pdf below. Now there are no more excuses…

Tamiya F104V2 Setup Sheet – TQ Raceway – Repsol-Honda

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