UF1 Apple Touch Icon

UF1 Apple Touch Icon

Some of you that visit the UF1 site are probably using some sort of Apple product, whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. To visit the UF1 site, you need to open your browser, click in the address bar and type in www.uf1rc.com (or click a bookmark if you’re technically inclined).

That process has now been made as easy as touching an icon! To use this new feature, go to the UF1 home page and (from the address bar) hit the bookmark icon in the upper left of the screen (location of this may differ depending on the Apple product you are using). You will see a few different options; Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook, etc, but you should also see one that has the UF1 logo and the words ‘Add to Home Screen’. Click that and BAM!, you have a UF1 icon on your Apple product that will take you straight to the UF1 site!

Easy peasy. Enjoy.

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