UF1 Gets a TM

UF1 Gets a TM

Ok boys and girls…trivia question: Does the UF1 logo look different than normal? Some might say no, not really…and they’d be right. Sort of.

While the logo itself stays the same, there has been the addition of an official TM emblem. To help protect the Series and keep it from going the way of the dodo (or in our case, something like RCGT), the UF1 committee has gone through the painstakingly difficult process of Trademarking and Branding the UF1 Series. For clarification, when I say we I mean Mr. Medel. Being the head-honcho Marketing dood over at Tamiya, Fred is very familiar with this process and what it all entails. When I mentioned to him that I would like to protect the series identity, he offered to take the reigns and tackle the process.

What does this mean for you? Well, simply put, the UF1 name, branding and identity are all safe under the trademark, meaning if anyone wants to use ANY of it they need to contact the committee first to make sure it is in the best interest of the UF1.

As I’m sure all of you will agree, we want the UF1 to live on. It’s fan base is steadily growing and could potentially eclipse 100 participating drivers by the end of the 2013 Summer Series! That’s the dream…that’s the goal…so thanks for your continued support. The entire committee appreciates it!

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